Unlimited benefits of an online trading account with Upstox

What is the use of a trading and demat account?

A trading account is used to buy or sell the shares in the stock market. So, the demat account is used to hold the physical shares into electronic form to trade in the stock market. Yet, an investor can trade in the stock market only by a unique ID, issued by a stockbroker such as Upstox.

About Upstox

Upstox was named as RKSV securities when they started the retail brokerage in 2012.

In fact, the name changed in the year 2016 with a mission to provide the best trading software at a great price. As a result, they reached to the position in top 10 discounted brokers in India.

Soon, the company has registered to all the major stock exchanges in India like NSE, BSE, MCX, CDSL and SEBI to serve better to their customers.

Why Upstox is a preferable trading account?

Upstox is the fastest growing brokers that cross the 1 million customers and have just become the second largest stockbroker in India.

To illustrate, data compiled by NSE in September 2020 states that Zerodha is the largest stockbroker with the client base of 24.70 lakh, followed by Upstox at 12.20 lakh.

whereas the traditional brokerages like ICICI Securities, Angel Broking and HDFC securities ranked after them with active clients of 11.95 lakh, 10 lakhs and 8 lakh, respectively. 

Upstox is preferable because of its offering. These are:-

  • Unlimited brokerage* credit for 30 days
  • Free equity delivery trades
  • ₹ 20 /order* for intraday, F&O, currencies and commodities.
  • Free 1,500 mutual funds.

How safe to trade with Upstox?

Safe trading is one of the key need for any trader or investor, which Upstox knows well and work towards this goal to gain the trust of their customers. The backup by investors like Ratan Tata, Tiger Global, and GVK Davix gives the assurance that it is safe to link with Upstox.

But what if the Upstox stops their operation in India? A trader should not worry as the shares held in demat account kept safe with depository participants such as CDSL/NSDL to refund it to customers.

Upstox trading platforms

Trading platforms are the major resource with any of the stockbrokers to offer it to their customers.

If the platform is slow, then it will create a big problem for the customers who want to act in synch with the market. Thus, the fast platform is the first choice of every trader.

But the need of the trader changes in response to the market. Hence, a trader sometimes likes to trade in the platform, which can easily customise as per the market needs.

As a result, the Upstox introduced the three different platforms that can choose by traders to act fast in the market.

These 3 platforms are:-

  • Pro Web
  • Nest Trader Desktop
  • Pro Mobile web

1. Pro Web

It is a browser based trading platform which uses socket technology to offer the features like

  • API integration
  • Algo trading
  • Charts and technical indicators

Pro web comes under the common category trading platform as it can access to any interface such as IOS, Windows, Android and supports almost all the web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google, Mozilla Firefox.

2. NEST Trader Desktop Review

It is a desktop software which offers the tailored interface, fast refreshing rate and low latency features to track the markets, place orders, and buy & sell shares in a faster mode.

Moreover, it is highly useful for traders who are trading frequently and want the fastest refresh rate of the platform to sync with the market.

3. Pro Mobile App Review

It is a third interface for the mobile users who want to track the scripts, indices and the markets in the fingertip through the version of both Android and IOS mobile phones.

Above all, the pro mobile app is the lightweight trading app that gives access to charting tools and over 100 technical indicators for faster trading.

Upstox benefits worth up to ₹4,000

Coupled with the qualitative benefits, Upstox also offers the benefits of worth ₹4,000 to the new customers. These are:-

  • Premium quarterly subscriptions of StockEdge & Elearnmarkets worth up to ₹2,000
  • Moneycontrol Pro yearly subscription worth ₹1,999.

In short, it is the best trading account for beginners who want to enter the market and like to upgrade their knowledge at free of cost.

IndusStox – An association of Upstox with IndusInd Bank

Upstox and IndusInd Bank come under the brand name “IndusStox” that offers the 3-in-1 account which bundled the demat, trading and saving accounts in one .

Thus, the IndusStox comes with the exceptional features such as:-

  • A trader can trade without transferring the funds to the trading account.
  • No least balance limit
  • Earn an interest while trade in the market
  • Free call and trade facility up to 10 call and free trades per month with an on-call specialist
  • Above all, a personalized saving account number that can select on date of birth, anniversary date, etc.

In brief, Indusstox offers the best services to the customers who want to merge trading, demat and saving account, all in one.

How to Open a trading Account with Upstox?

  • Click on the link: https://upstox.com/open-demat-account/?f=ES5025
  • Sign up by using email id or mobile number
  • Fill up the paperless form & submit it for verification
  • All the details will scan and verified by Upstox team for opening an account.
  • Once verified, a unique ID will generate to start the trading.

Press releases

Press releases are the key source of information that gives the latest news about the company. Therefore, the recent press releases are attached to know more about the Upstox.


  • A trading and demat account is needed to buy/sell the shares in the stock market
  • Upstox has one of the fastest, reliable and easy-to-use trading platform.
  • New customers can get the benefit of worth ₹4,000 on opening an account with Upstox.
  • Upstox and IndusInd Bank comes under the brand name “IndusStox” that offers the 3-in-1 account
  • A trading account with Upstox can open in 10 minutes by filling the paperless form. Click on the link: https://upstox.com/open-demat-account/?f=ES5025

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