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How to become rich?

Rich People

Why do people want to become rich?

Everyone wants to become rich because money gives the realization of freedom to live a life on their own terms and conditions.

Wealth can also denote by its second name “financial freedom”.

The primary advantage of financial freedom is that it does not bound you to do work for money.

On the contrary, your money works for you and you can do the best things of your choice in life.

A financially free person can pursue their passion and hobbies for a full time, whereas a person who is struggling financially can leave their passion and hobbies.

A rich person can enjoy some benefits of their wealth. These are:-

  1. Give luxury to their family
  2. Travel to exotic destinations all over the world.
  3. Serve to society by supporting financially to the needy one.

In brief, wealth can give the feeling of fulfillment and personal happiness to work on ourselves for being a happy and better person.

Is it easy to become a millionaire?

Rich People

Yes, it is easy to become a millionaire.

Do you find it irrelevant? Is your mind stuffed with the thoughts that if it is easy, then why most people are not rich?

Let me complete a sentence, it is easy to become a millionaire but not simple.

The rich people follow some traits that determined their destiny to make them a millionaire.

If you observe the financially challenged person, you will easily find a few of the behavior in them. They are:-

  • Undisciplined
  • lack of confidence and trust
  • Ready to spend more but invest less.

But, if you observe the rich people, they are following few principles like

  • Ready to take the smart risk
  • Highly discipline towards their routine.
  • Focused on the well-defined goal.

How to become rich?

How to become rich?

Rich people are also gifted with the same type of body and mind as others.

The only thing which differentiates them from the ordinary person is their traits.

So, if someone wants to become rich, they can simply follow the rich people’s traits. These are:-

  1. Find the social problem and come up with the solution
  2. Invest first and spend later
  3. Work on the long-term goal
  4. Work on a particular skill to become a master.
  5. Overcome Shyness
  6. Overcome the fear of rejection
  7. Avoid debts and spending within the limits

These traits can develop by changing the way you think about money.

The power of investing or saving a single penny can only help you earn the freedom and time for you and your loved ones.

Money isn’t everything

When we are young, our parents and society all are trying to convince us that money isn’t everything.

They want us to focus more to contribute to society by being a good person.

But, the truth is this, a person cannot contribute to society without money.

If you don’t believe, see the donations by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ratan Tata, Azim Premji, they all are doing massive donations for the welfare of society.

As a part of society with a limited income, we can only think to donate but cannot do because of our financial instability.

My advice is not to accept this statement “Money isn’t everything” as it will only block your efforts to become rich and in a long term, it will act as an excuse for your failures.

What makes a person rich?

It is a hunger for success that gives the food to our brain to work on the goal to become a millionaire. Scarcity is the key to motivation for wealth and success.

Altogether, the intense desire to achieve the goal, a mindset of infinite possibilities, the right strategies, and consistent action and determination can make a person rich.

Rich people don’t give a damn to problems, they are more focused on the solutions and spend their energy to get the solution which the people are struggling with.

Also, they have a long-term vision which makes them do things in a manner whose result will be visible after many years.

The first thing one can observe in millionaires is that they have a million-dollar mindset which results in financial abundance.

A mindset can never multiply money until it is conditioned to generate wealth.

A wealth first can create in the mind before it can happen in the actual world.

Whether it is a cryptocurrency, stocks, business, or any instrument of value investing, the rich people have a plan in their mind that they rigorously follow for a long time.

Habits of Rich people

There are various books written on the habits of successful people and millionaires. One is the popular one is “The seven habits of highly effective people” written by Steven Covey.

This topic is not new for everyone but out of several habits, 3 habits are contributing maximum to become a millionaire. These are:-

1. Wake up early in the morning

The first thing you observe in most millionaires is they wake up early in the morning which clearly defines the connection between early morning and wealth

2. Pay yourself first

Always remember the first portion of the income should take out for yourself to invest for a long and let the magic of compound interest makes your wealth multiply in x no. of times.

3. Think-Plan-Act- Never quit

People can manage to think -plan and act but the most common cause of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.

These are magical codes that would guarantee a successful financial future.

Money is A Game… Follow rules and Play it.

Likewise, in the other games, money-making has also comprised some rules which lead to the cash flow. So becoming rich is to learn the rules and follow them.

The money-making game may get affected by external factors but never let the factors that are controllable dominate to lose this game.


We all have the same body structure and mind, but the only thing that differentiates rich people from the average man is attitude.

Thus, a great attitude always makes an Iron man who can convert iron into gold.

The chances of a winner’s mindset to become rich are much higher than the person with a victim’s mindset.

In the end, it is important to remember the famous quote by Timothy Ferris – An author of the 4-hour workweek

“Living like a millionaire requires doing interesting things and not just owning enviable things,”

Stay Tuned ! To become rich
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Stay Tuned ! To become rich
Rich people have the privilege to give luxury to their families, serve society and pursue their passion and hobbies.
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