5 must to read books to learn to invest in stock market

The stock market is one of the best platforms to earn handsome returns in comparison to other financial investment products. Despite it, the people invest in the low return but safe investment plan . One of the reasons for their such decision is limited knowledge about the market. 

But, one can enhance their knowledge and skills to learn from the experience of all time successful investors using their published books.
Although, there are multiple books available on the stock market but few of them are like a masterpiece, I try to choose 5 of the best books from the masterpiece, list to learn and follow the advice of the experts to gain the high returns from the market.

These 5 must-read books are:-

1Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch – Everyone knows Peter Lynch due to his exceptional success in the market and “Learn to Earn” book is based upon the rich experience of the most successful and well-known investor Peter Lynch. It is a perfect guide for the beginners to learn basic analysis of a company around us with the help of stock-picking tools and reading number in the Balance sheet.

2. One up on wall street by Peter lynch – Let me introduce another masterpiece of Peter Lynch. Sometimes , we involved ourselves in the complicated calculations and research that we forget to observe the simple and easy things which are mainly responsible for get the high returns. This book is all about to find the right company by observing the simple and tiny things about the company in our daily routine.

3. The new buffettology by Mary Buffett and David Clark– This book really surprised me as it covers each and every information about the investment style of Warren Buffet. While reading a book, I was thinking how an author knows about the investment style of Warren Buffet and find a fact that she was a daughter in law of Warren Buffett. This book helps a reader to copy the investment style of Warren Buffett and get the best return from the market

4. The security analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd– Do you know, Benjamin Graham is a mentor of Warren Buffett. This book is a bible of value investing. Security Analysis is a must to read the book for every value investor to learn from the experience of the most influential investment philosophers of all time

5. The Little Book that Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt – Don’t judge this book by its name, it is one of the most powerful books to view the market and find the good companies at bargain prices. In this book, the author gives a tool to the individual to beat the market all by yourself.

These are the books that give general guidelines about investing in a market but to get specialisation in fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis, value investing, one can further search for particular topic books to get expertise in the particular field

I hope the above topic is helpful for you to invest wisely in the market. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to write in the comment section.

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